Magnet Foundation Newsletter: Spring 2020

Student Researchers Need Mentors: Many summer internships are not available this summer due to COVID-19, and students are seeking mentors who can guide research projects remotely. If you work in a research setting or company with research opportunities, and have some possible project ideas that students would be able to work on remotely, please send a description of the opportunity as well as the qualifications you expect of students applying to the project to Angelique Bosse (

Spring 2020 News:

    • Foundation News: the Board is meeting remotely, approving grants

    • Magnet News: Student volunteers; Science Fair; MathWorks; Robotics Team

    • Alumni News: Scholarships and fellowships; Putnam Competition; research publications

  • Features:

      • Pandemic Response: Alumni and students are taking actions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

      • Magnet Coordinator: Peter Ostrander has led the Magnet Program for over a decade

      • The Catalyst: Jonah Berger '98 has written a new book about changing minds

      • Democracy Summer: Paul B. Ellis '14 is helping to train the next generation of political activists

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