Contact MCPS

MCPS Officials: You can contact MCPS officials with questions and comments about the Magnet Program.

Board of Education: The Board of Education oversees MCPS, and you can write or call them with your concerns.

County Government: The County Executive and County Council are the heads of the Montgomery County government.

State Government: You can also advocate for education funding at the state level:

When you write to your representatives, please let them know how important it is to fund our public schools in MCPS, and in particular, how critical it is to fund special programs like the Blair Magnet.  Let them know about the many awards won by Magnet students and the accomplishments of distinguished alumni.  Tell them that Montgomery County's special programs have already faced serious cuts over the past decade, and that these programs should not be cut any further.  Tell them why the Magnet Program is important to you and why MCPS should continue to fund the Magnet and other special programs for future generations of students.