Magnet News: Winter 2019

Quiz Bowl:

More awards and recognition:

    • Justin Haddad is a nationally ranked fencer who recently won a gold medal at an international under-17 fencing competition in Austria (Bethesda Magazine) (Silver Chips).

    • Kevin Higgs, Ian Rackow, and William Wang won second place in the high school competition at NYU Tandon School of Engineering's 2018 Cybersecurity Awareness Week (@blairmagnet).

    • Dhruv Pai, Marie Brodsky, and Suveena Sreenilayam were members of teams that won the 2018 Congressional App Challenge! Their apps are MCSSL-Helper and Time Flies.

    • Several Blair magnet musicians were named to regional ensembles: Ryan Cho in the All-Eastern Orchestra (@MBHSmusic); Hannah Lee in the All-Eastern Honors Orchestra, and SeYong Park in the All-Eastern Honors Concert Band (@MBHSmusic); Audrey Li in the All-County Sr. Chorus, Dhruv Pai and Carsten Portner in the All-State Jr. Chorus, and Eve Kuo in the All-State Sr. Chorus (@MBHSmusic); Hannah Zhang in the All-State Jr. All-Orchestra and Justin Hung in the All-State Sr. Orchestra (@MBHSmusic); and many others in regional, state, and county honors ensembles (@MBHSmusic).

    • The Science Bowl team finished in second place at the Maryland Science Bowl (@MrPham_at_MBHS).

    • Mr. Stein's Political Statistics Class was recognized for its mathematical model of the 2018 midterm elections (MCPS) (Silver Chips) (Bethesda Magazine).

    • Magnet Arts Night was held on January 18, 2019 (Silver Chips).

    • Ms. Hart won the 2019 Schubert Award from the Chemical Society of Washington, recognizing her as an outstanding teacher of high school chemistry.

    • Regeneron Science Talent Search: Three Magnet seniors were named Finalists in the 2019 Regeneron Science Talent Search! (ABC 7 News) They will win an award of at least $25,000 and have an opportunity to win up to $250,000 in March. The students and their projects are: Grace Cai, An Urgency Dependent Quorum Sensing Algorithm for N-Site Selection in Autonomous Swarms

    • Kevin Qian, Heisenberg-Scaling Measurement Protocol for Analytic Functions with Quantum Sensor Networks

    • Daniel Schäffer, Evolutionary Origins of Animal ER Calcium Signaling and a Proposed Role for the Channelopathy Protein Wolframin

Five additional students were recognized as Regeneron STS Scholars, receiving $2,000 scholarships with an additional $2,000 awarded to Blair for each student, totaling $16,000. The students and their projects are:

    • Allison Borton, Developing a Reconfigurable E-Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna Array

    • Laura Cui, Near-Threshold Doubly Heavy Tetraquark States

    • Naveen Durvasula, A Bayesian Optimization Approach to Estimating Expected Match Time and Organ Quality in Kidney Exchange

    • Steven Qu, Maximizing Social Leverage in Linear Threshold Influence Networks

    • Daniel Zhu, On the Okounkov-Olshanski Formula for the Number of Tableaux of Skew Shapes

Math Team: