Magnet Alumni News: Winter 2018

Research Publications:


Writing and Speaking:

Articles and Interviews:

Politics and Activism:

    • Dwight Patel '89 is the First Vice-Chairman of the Montgomery County GOP, and he offers advice to Republican candidates using social media and answering questions from the press.

    • Deep Sran '89 was quoted in The Economist discussing his run for Congress in Virginia.

    • Craig Rice '90 is hosting a series of Education Budget meetings for Montgomery County, starting February 21st at Northwest High School (@RicePolitics).

    • Fr. Martino Choi '05 delivered a homily to Catholic youth who gathered in Washington, DC in January for the March for Life (@WashArchdiocese).

    • Samir Paul '06 was endorsed by the Montgomery County Education Association (MCEA) and Run For Something in his campaign for the Maryland House of Delegates (americanbazaaronline).

    • Eric Hysen '07 is one of the co-founders of Project 100, a digital platform seeking to elect 100 progressive women to Congress by 2020.

    • As reported in Silver Chips, Theresa Regan '11 organized a group of hundreds of alumni who expressed concerns about harassment by retired magnet teacher, Mr. Walstein.

In Memoriam: The death of Michael Cohen '10 in September was the result of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), a complication of diabetes. Although he was not diagnosed until after his death, Michael likely had Type 1 diabetes, which can develop in adults or children, as recently reported by NPR. Michael's parents are hoping to spread awareness of Type 1 diabetes and DKA through the DKA Campaign coordinated by Beyond Type 1.

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