Magnet News: Winter 2017

Magnet students won many awards and competitions in the past quarter:

Regeneron Science Talent Search:

    • Blair had nine semifinalists in the 2017 Regeneron Science Talent Search (, tied for the most in the country! The students (@MsBosseBlair) and their projects are:

      • Sambuddha Chattopadhyay, On T-Reflection via Analytic Continuation in Quantum Mechanics

      • Ethan Chen, Analyzing the Effect of Matrix Architecture and Proteolytic Degradation on Fibroblast and Tumor Cell Migration

      • Richard Chen, Design, Build, and Implementation of a Triple Langmuir Probe for a Superconducting Helicon Thruster

      • Rohan Dalvi, Kinetic Trapping and Structural Determination of Native-State Biomolecules in the Gas Phase

      • Dawson Do, Digital Preparation and Description of the Braincase of a New and Unique Ornithischian Dinosaur

      • Sam Ehrenstein, Creation of an Emittance-Dominated Electron Beam via Collimating Apertures

      • Raymond Guo, Puromycin Selection with Lentiviral Transduction Causes Widespread and Significant Changes in RNA-Seq Profiles of Primary Human Erythroblasts

      • Garret Kern, A Global Analysis of Oseltamivir Resistance in 2009 Pandemic H1N1 Influenza Viruses

      • Juliana Lu-Yang, Exploring Carbon Isotope Exchange Kinetics Between Carbonate and Carboxylic Acids Under the Hydrothermal Conditions of Carbonaceous Chondrites

    • Sambuddha Chattopadhyay (@MCPS) and Rohan Dalvi (@MCPS) were named among the 40 finalists (, and they will compete on March 9-15 for the top prizes.

Math Team:

    • The Blair Math team won first place overall at the 2016 Princeton University Math Tournament (

      • Sophomore Daniel Zhu had the top individual score

      • The first place A team: Senior Pratik Rathore (captain), Juniors Guangqi Cui, Dilhan Salgado, and David Wu; and Sophomores Steven Qu, Kevin Qian, Jacob Stavrianos, and Daniel Zhu

      • The third place B team: Seniors Jamie Vinson (captain) and Josh Fernandes; Junior Jyotsna Rao; Sophomores Anson Berns, Olivia Fan, Haydn Gwyn, Eric Shen; and Freshman Ambrose Yang

    • Blair students finished first and second in the 2016 University of Maryland Math Competition (

      • Junior Dilhan Salgado had the top overall score

      • Sophomore Jacob Stavrianos had the second highest score

      • 13 other Blair students won Honorable Mention: Seniors Jesse Matthews, Pratik Rathore, Jamie Vinson, and Linden Yuen; Juniors Guangqi Cui, Jackson Reynolds, Yuang Shen, Noah Singer, David Wu, and Annie Zhao; Sophomores Kevin Qian and Steven Qu; and Freshman Ambrose Yang

More Competitions and Awards: