Alumni Share College Advice

compiled by Alisha Wu and Angelina Cao for Silver Quest

Class of 2021 Checking In:

Joy Xu '21 (Cornell):

Advice for high schoolers?

"I would say not to stress out that much because high school can be really fun and ... the perfect extracurriculars or grades doesn't really matter overall."

Eric Chen '21 (UMD-College Park):

Has your time at Blair helped you in college?

"I think many of my Magnet friends agree that their college classes were much easier than high school, a majority definitely find the course material much simpler and straightforward."

Alex Jiang '21 (U.Penn.):

What do you miss most about Blair?

"The teachers! I've had really inspiring and passionate teachers throughout my four years at Blair, and I miss seeing them. Beyond teaching me everything I know today, they've taught me valuable life lessons and have helped shape the person I am today."

Ivy Liang '21 (Harvard):

Advice for college apps?

"Focus on your own academic and social goals. Oh yes, there is also A LOT more to picking colleges than just academics. Look at the people there. Look at their environment. Will you personally thrive there?"

Vivian Li '21 (Univ. of So. Cal.):

How do you think Blair helped you in college?

"Blair conditioned my work ethic, which I could not live without in college."

Chris Tong '21 (MIT):

Favorite club at Blair?

"I really enjoyed Science Bowl; I felt like there was a very strong sense of community and I met a lot of people who I'm still friends with today."

Ethan Oh '21 (Johns Hopkins):

Miss most about Blair?

"The people, the students and teachers. At college, it's a lot harder to find people with the same level of passion to similar interests and Blair just had a huge concentration of that, that I really enjoyed."

Peter Nesin '21 (Wash. Univ. in St. Louis):

What was the hardest class you took at Blair?

"Probably Discrete or Math-Phys in terms of the concepts, Advanced Geometry was also really hard in parts. I would say that my first semester of college was way easier than most of my semesters at Blair in terms of pace and workload."

Class of 2022 Top Schools:

  • UMD-College Park (34)

  • Carnegie Mellon (5)

  • Brown (4)

  • Georgia Tech (4)

  • MIT (4)

  • UPenn (4)

  • Stanford (3)

  • Amherst (2)

  • Boston Univ. (2)

  • Caltech (2)

  • Georgetown (2)

  • Johns Hopkins (2)

  • Univ. of Mich. (2)