Magnet News: Summer 2021

Retirement: Ms. Piper has retired from teaching after 35 years at Blair.

2021 Senior Class Destinations:

    • 31 seniors will be attending the University of Maryland

    • 4 seniors will be attending Johns Hopkins University

    • 3 seniors at each of these schools: UC Berkeley, Cornell, Georgia Tech, Northwestern, and Yale

National Merit Scholarships:

  • Raymond Luo, Timothy Qian, and Evan Wang won corporate-sponsored National Merit Scholarships (mymcmedia)

    • Fiona Harrington, Dheeraj Keshav, Mark Kokiyelov, Esther Tang, Christopher Tong, Nicole Tran, Charlotte Wallsten, and Chad Yu also won National Merit Scholarships (mymcmedia)

    • Shoshana Braier, Ozan Kayaalp, Jason Liu, Rajit Mukhopadhyay, Svetlana Semenova, Ishaan Shrestha, Marc Wagger, and Lillian Zhou (Univ. of Md.) and Caroline Robison (Tufts) won school-sponsored National Merit Scholarships (mymcmedia) (mymcmedia)

More Awards:

Silver Quest: The 2021 edition of Silver Quest was published online: