Blair Magnet News: Summer 2019

Math Olympiad: Daniel Zhu earned a perfect score and won a gold medal as part of first place Team USA at the 2019 International Mathematical Olympiad in England!

Quiz Bowl:

Senior Research:

National Merit Scholarships:

    • Jonathan Berkowitz, Patrick Kim, Shwetha Kunnam, Jenny Mei, Alice Turnham, and Megan Xiao won $2,500 National Merit Scholarships. (MCPS)

    • Allison Rose Borton, Soumith Gadila, and Reethi Padmanabhan won corporate-sponsored National Merit Scholarships. (MCPS)

    • Elena Elman won a National Merit Scholarship from the University of Rochester; Lily Kirsch won a scholarship from Grinnell College; and Cindy Liu, Kristi Ng, Catherine Rodriguez, and Sally Zhao won scholarships from the University of Maryland. (MCPS)

More Awards and Accomplishments:

Senior Research: Ms. Bosse is visiting seniors at their labs this summer, and sharing photos on Twitter.

Flickr: There are new photos of FIST, Wallops Island, Lake Needwood, Entomology, and PuzzlePalooza on the Magnet Flickr account.

Top College Destinations for the Class of 2019

University of Maryland, College Park (36), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (6), Carnegie-Mellon (6), University of Michigan (4),

Princeton (3), Cornell (3), UC Berkeley (3), UMBC (3); and 2 each at Stanford, Caltech, UCLA, Grinnell College, U.Chicago, Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins, Yale, NYU, Columbia, and U.Penn.