Magnet News: Summer 2018

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International Physics Olympiad:

National Merit Scholarships:

    • Seniors George Klees, Noah Singer, David Witten, and Katherine Wu won $2,500 National Merit Scholarships. (MCPS)

    • Seniors Anish Senapati, Ankitha Durvasula, Enya Wang, and Sushanth Gupta won corporate-sponsored scholarships. (MCPS)

    • Senior Nikita Singh won a scholarship from Vanderbilt, and Senior Noah Kim won a scholarship from USC. (MCPS)

    • Seniors Perry Beamer, Everest Bloomer, Christopher Fiala, Elliot Kienzle, Jacob Santangelo, Arman Siddique, Siddharth Taneja, Marissa He, Alex Wang won scholarships from the University of Maryland. (MCPS)

More Summer Competitions:

    • Senior Ben Miller and Magnet Juniors Anson Berns and Ian Rackow won the 2018 It's Academic Super Bowl! (Silver Chips)

    • Freshmen Kevin Higgs, Shreeya Khurana, Ayush Varshney, Evan Wang and Gabriel Wu won 3rd place in intermediate division of the 2018 ACSL All-Star Competition. (@blairmagnet)

    • The Montgomery County Math Team won 4th place in the 2018 American Regions Mathematics League.

    • Sophomores Matthew Shu and Sophia Weng won silver medals at the International History Olympiad in Berlin, Germany. The Maryland A Team finished in 2nd place in the Junior Varsity Division, with team members Matthew Shu, Brian Xu (a former Blair student), and Blaise Bronson (a freshman at Walter Johnson). Sophomores Lee Lemar and Shawn Zhao were also part of Maryland's teams, who finished 15th overall in the competition.

    • Sophomore Katherine Lei was named an International Biology Scholar in the University of Toronto Biology Competition (pdf). (@MBHSBioTeam)

    • Senior Isabella DeClue was awarded $50 and a certificate of recognition by Sigma Xi at the NIST Student Intern Poster competition (@cho_ryan212)

This July, Ms. Bosse visited students at the labs where they are working on their SRPs (@MsBosseBlair)

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