Magnet Foundation News: Summer 2012

At its July meeting, the Magnet Foundation Board of Directors elected a new slate of officers for 2012-2013:

    • President: Ted Jou

    • Vice-President: Eileen Steinkraus

    • Secretary: Sharon Goodall

    • Treasurer: Dan Shepherdson

Other Foundation news:

    • The Magnet Foundation has also partnered with the Blair Robotics Team to help manage the Robotics Team's finances. Sharon Goodall has joined the Board and in addition to being elected Secretary, she will act as assistant Treasurer and liaison to the Robotics Team.

    • The Ph.D. Movie event on May 17th was a success with a few hundred students, teachers, and alumni in attendance. The Caltech Alumni Association generously paid the fees to rent the auditorium for the night.

    • Mr. Haider Ali and Ms. Nadya Hosein awarded the first Haider Ali & Hosein STEM Scholarship to a graduating Magnet senior, Induja Maheswaran '12.

    • Overall, the Foundation has received $15,849.62 in donations so far this year.

    • These funds have been used to fund many student activities:

      • $1,000 for the Quiz Bowl team to attend the PACE Scholastic Championship in St. Louis, MO, where the team won 8 of their 13 matches and finished fourth in their group.

      • $2,000 to pay the registration fees for Montgomery County's 5 ARML teams; the A team finished in 9th place in the nation, and Mr. Walstein was awarded the Samuel L. Greitzer Distinguished Coach Award.

      • $2,025 to help 2 teachers bring 5 students to the NCSSSMST Student Research Conference at the Illinois Institute of Technology

      • $2,173 to help 2 teachers bring 15 students to the ACSL All-Star Competition in West Chester, PA, where Blair's three teams each finished in the top ten in their divisions.

      • $500 to purchase cabinets for Ms. Duval's new Entomology class

      • $425 to help purchase uninterruptible power supply units for the Blair servers

      • $440 for Minitab software for Mr. Stein's statistics classes