The Start of Summer: 2010 Magnet Picnic

by Mandy Xu '11

You with me so far?

It is a gloomy Tuesday afternoon. The clouds force the sunshine away, and rain threatens to come. Yet, laughs ring from Blair's football stadium. How strange!The Magnet Picnic didn't let the bad weather to get in the way. There was a plethora of multiethnic foods. Parent volunteers served sandwiches, curry rice, Chinese noodles, and fruit salad. Magnet freshman, sophomores, juniors, and even a few graduated seniors crowded around the food area as soon as the picnic began!Even in the light rain, some magnets played soccer, ultimate Frisbee, softball, basketball, volleyball, and badminton. Still, some did hide under the bleachers. For the most part, our Blazers enjoyed the summer rain. It was a welcome change after the suffocating humidity. Then, the award ceremony commenced. It celebrates the weird and idiosyncratic qualities that magnet have. In fact, our teachers encourage us to foster special personalities and to be ourselves. There are so many quirky awards, since this isn't a normal awards ceremony with a normal audience. These awards included "best baby face", "most likely to return to Blair as a magnet teacher", and "earliest case of senioritis". To top it off, the new magnet coordinator Peter Ostrander brought an enthusiastic attitude. It was one of the best ceremonies ever. There were HUGE prizes after all.As this year draws to a close, I'm reminded of why the Magnet unique. I realize I take the Magnet's special traits for granted most of the time. As we grow out of Blair, let us not forget our unique teachers who work tirelessly to provide a solid education. Let us not forget the hilarious adventures at Lake Needwood and Wallops. Most importantly, let us not forget the close bond we all share.