The Class of 2010: An Ode to the Tiger

by Mythili Mandadi '11

Graduated in heat was the class of 2010.

So much there is to say, I can not put it all down by pen.

Though mightier it is than the sword.

There is one thing this class has in plethora – awards!

Moody's, Intel, the county's finest debater

Scott Yu is, if nothing else, a fine orator.

Intel says Yifan's a 'mazing scientist and writer.

Than a big, cardboard check, there's nothin' tighter.

Then there's Urja, Deepa, and David Tao,

making the heads of the NYT go right round (but maybe, he should still stay away from the band-saw).

Though he might vanish from sight, Dzi

Is there anything he can't be?

Egbert who made varsity as a underclassman and more.

At the awards ceremony, he made moola, but who's keeping score?

How about Vikas, on varsity soccer?

And Joel, Puzzle Palooza captain; that's no shocker.

Joined, they were, by the first class of Poosleville,

but they competed in Debate, Mock Trial, Computer Team, ARML.

Cohen's the best programmer in the country

while Hurwitz, Kamal, and Amy are going to MIT.

You've got to admire Lockwood,

going straight to work, like any man could.

Countless (successful) entries to Siemen's.

In the fall, placed 1st in KMO, not even close to the end.

For Carlos' geometry skills, put your hands in the air.

Celebrate Peggy who's a great ukelele player.

Redab, Scott, and Nader

made Magnet Arts Night hotter.

While Greta and Amy organized it all.

Laura's pasión, made it a ball!

Not to say that Scott Zimmerman's guitar

wouldn't have persuaded Mexico to join the World War

Different backgrounds, different middle schools.

But, man, they are just all so very cool.

A beautiful day in the neighborhood it was

when Mr. Rogers (R.I.P.) taught ESS.

They saw the last of Witte, Miller, Dyas, and Bunday.

And the first days of Genetics, and Ms. Balla's spree.

And hey get this! It's bigger than J. Lo's posterior end.

Nils' got his second Facebook friend!

Romance blossomed in young hearts;

some could just not remain apart.

Nils got his first date, a momentous time.

When he left Anand Oza behind.

Back in biology, nights before a test.

Chenyu would post his notes 'cos google-chat-study's the best.

And if 90's not A enough for you.

There's Mario and his crew.

That is, the median class of '11 and '12:

no condiments, just the Burger King, himself.

Jasmine and Ruhi, who are the best of friends.

With secrets and promises, together til the end.

Want something authentic? Look no further than Sanjeev.

After him, who else's Indian accent could you believe?

Jeechee who can rap like Flo Rida

There are no better singers than Matt and Sophia

Want a bang or a boom; it's Onomatopoeia.

Warren “Sound effects” Zhang is a soundmaker, who be a

TA in Analysis, in charge like Ben Shaya of robotics

and the magnet exotics.

Memories are there, before and after

of how budget cuts drew frowns from laughter.

Students rioted and rallied; there was a protest.

When Classes compared enthusiasm, there is no contest.

Or Alex Bae who's president and not by a swing vote.

The glam couples of one-oh quote,

“No William by another name is still such a Rose;

The memory of his first classes, to him, bring no woes.”

2010, shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

Where the girls are both beautiful and intelligent, dare I say.

This class, with its drive and spirit

The unforgettable people, none without merit.

Look out world, here they come.

The class of 2000 plus 9 plus 1.