Foundation News: Spring 2022

The Magnet Foundation Board has resumed in-person meetings, holding a hybrid meeting in early April.

The Board recently approved several grants:

Save the Date: The Foundation is planning a Magnet reunion for Saturday, August 27, 2022!

The Foundation Board is monitoring changes in MCPS policies regarding admission to Magnet programs:

  • MCPS Magnet program admission policy changes:

    • During the pandemic, MCPS stopped administering the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) for admission to Magnet programs, and there are no current plans to resume this testing

    • To ensure a race-neutral and school blind process, MCPS is no longer considering teacher recommendations

    • Admission to the Blair Magnet this year was based on grades, MAP scores (a countywide assessment given to all 8th graders), and student application materials

  • The Foundation Board has been in contact with parents from the Gifted & Talented Association of Montgomery County who are seeking to gather more information and to organize around changes to MCPS policies

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