Magnet Alumni News: Spring 2018

Awards and Scholarships:

Prizes and Competitions:

Academic Publications:

Talks and Presentations:

    • Maneesh Agrawala '90 gave a talk on Deconstructing Charts and Graphs (YouTube) at the National Academy of Sciences Sackler Colloquium

    • Benjamin Jun '92 gave a talk about Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Smart Contract Fundamentals at the RSA Conference

    • Pat Yongpradit '96 gave the opening talk at the Ignite STEM Conference (@MrYongpradit)

    • Several alumni attended the 2018 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference:

      • Caleb Fassett '98 presented Re-Analysis of Observations of Crater Degradation on the Lunar Maria Accounting for Anomalous Diffusion (pdf)

      • Abigail Fraeman '05, celebrating 2000 sols on Mars, presented Curiosity's Investigation at Vera Rubin Ridge (pdf)

    • Alex Lockwood '03 participated in a panel at the 2018 Space Symposium about the James Webb Telescope (@sarahcruddas). In March, PhD Comics (@PHDcomics) shared a video from a few years ago (YouTube), when Lockwood had an opportunity to meet Stephen Hawking.

Interviews and Media:

Business and Entrepreneurship:

    • Danyel Fisher '93 is leaving Microsoft Research to join a system monitoring startup, Honeycomb (Medium)

Politics and Activism:

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