Ten-Year Reunion for the Class of 2008

organized by Song Fu and Holman Gao

The Magnet Class of 2008 is planning a ten-year reunion in Silver Spring in December. Please RSVP online if you want to attend!

Magnet Arts Night 2008 on Flickr

Several alumni shared updates for the reunion:

    • Vijay Baharani is making sparks fly as an electrical engineer at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

    • Jack Berry is in the Neuroscience MD/PhD program at Columbia University.

    • Will Bucher works as an intellectual property lawyer in New York City helping video game companies protect their creations.

    • Cody Burton finished his physics PhD at MIT in September, and just started working on development of a trapped ion quantum computer at Honeywell Quantum Solutions.

    • Song Fu is currently doing his intern year of residency at the University of Maryland.

    • Holman Gao splits his time freelancing with tech startups and running his own company, BoostMySchool, that helps schools with their fundraising.

    • Barbara Hendrick is working at a startup in Boston, RightHand Robotics, and still playing soccer whenever she can.

    • Sarah Kinter is in her third year of law school at the University of Chicago.

    • Kun Li develops medical device software at Key Tech in Baltimore.

    • Mindy Or is living in San Francisco, working as a software engineer in Seattle.

    • Zack Pinsky works in market research consulting for entertainment clients while trying to get someone, anyone to buy his screenplays.

    • Eddie Qian is finishing his internal medicine residency and will be a pulmonary and critical care medicine fellow at Vanderbilt this summer.

    • Dan Quang is a postdoc at the University of Michigan and hopes to be a professor soon!

    • Poorva Singal is a Product Manager at Code.org, working to expand access to Computer Science education for K-12 students.

    • Nitin Sukumar is a first-year medical student at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

    • Jeff Vanarsdall is working as a project manager for Clark Construction in the DMV area.

    • Boris Vassilev is a Data Scientist at Facebook, working with the applied machine learning group.

    • Tom Warner is working as a remote web developer and living in the Rocky Mountains.

    • Louis Wasserman is in his sixth year at Google.

    • Vivian Yamamoto is living in San Francisco, working as a software engineer at Square.

    • Yang Yang lives in New York and works in algorithmic trading.

    • Junqian Zhang is a second year resident in dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania.