Magnet News: Fall 2015

Magnet students have won awards and recognition in several competitions this fall:

  • The Blair Magnet had ten semifinalists in the 2015 Siemens Competition (pdf): Karina Chang, Eric Chen, Robert Fleischman, Ariel Goldbloom-Helzner, Noah Levine, Raymond Lin, Josephine Yu, Matthew Yu, Ariel Zhang and Minie Zhang! [Press Release (pdf)]

    • Sophomores George Klees, Noah Singer, Theo Tosini, Andrew Kim, and Noah Kim were the top US high school team in NYU Poly's Cyber Security Awareness Week (CSAW) Capture-the-Flag Competition. (Team Darkside)

    • Sophomore Annie Zhao won Honorable Mention at the 2015 Math Prize for Girls. Freshman Olivia Fan, Sophomore Jyotsna Rao, and Seniors Victoria Tsai and Cynthia Liu also participated in the competition, which was held in September at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Annie and Cynthia's scores qualified them to take the 2015 Math Prize for Girls Olympiad. [Press Release (pdf)]

    • There were 41 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists from Blair this year, which is the most in Montgomery County (pdf)! [Press Release (pdf)]

    • From Silver Chips: Mr. Kaluta's Materials Science class has been building monuments in the SAC courtyard.