The Class of 2003: Where are they now?

Harry Bullen: I majored in Computer Science and Mathematics at Florida Institue of Technology. After graduating I worked at Intelligent Automation Inc, in Derwood, I volunteered as a mentor for the Blair Robot Project. In 2012 I moved to New York City to work at Google, where I work on video ads.

We asked the Class of 2003 to share some quick updates about where they are and what they have been doing since graduating from Blair a decade ago:

Ji-Heon Kim: After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, I lived and worked in Amsterdam for four years as an options trader. After that, I took a year-long break to travel, recuperate and relax before making my way to Chicago to continue trading at and to help grow a start-up proprietary trading firm.Daniel Ku: I have recently returned to the DC area and find myself fighting the paperwork war behind a desk in the Pentagon. At times, I almost feel like an adult, but I'm mostly unchanged from my high school days.

Jessica Chang: After Blair, I went to UMCP for undergrad in CS and Math, after which I moved to Seattle for grad school at UW. I love Seattle, but eventually found my way back to the DMV. (For a while, I worked one floor above Andrew Lee!) This past August, I completed my PhD in Computer Science. I joined the DoD as a researcher, just in time for the furlough.

Jieren Chen: Drifted around the rust belt for a while, living off the land. Now I'm in San Francisco working at a startup.

Lisa Leung: Currently I'm an attorney in the IP litigation group of Paul Hastings LLP in D.C. When I'm not busy at work, I'm volunteer at the CAPSA tutoring program, in Rockville, MD, which helps new immigrants with English and acclimating to American life.Alexandra Lockwood: I am currently finishing my PhD in observational astronomy at Caltech. Over the past several years I starred in the PHD Movie, based off a popular graduate school webcomic, and have begun an academia outreach webseries called PhDetours. I hope to continue working in education and outreach after leaving Caltech.Jacinda Moore: I studied Computer Science at RPI and am working at a software company in Brooklyn. Mairi Hunter (class of '04) and I recently bought a house in Ossining, NY. I spend my spare time knitting and LARPing.

Tina Peng: I spent a few years working as a reporter in New York, then went to law school and am now a public defender in New Orleans.

Catherine (Katie) Pulupa: After dual BAs in classics and sociolinguistics from UMBC, I spent about a year working in language assessment and volunteer teaching. I then moved to Chile, where I taught English, and spent a few years exploring Latin America and climbing some amazing mountains. I finally made it back to the states, and am finishing up a masters in theoretical linguistics at the University of Delaware. I'm looking forward to a move back to the DC area and to whatever comes next in life.

Sherin Rouhani: I'm currently in Charlottesville, VA doing an MD/PhD program at the University of Virginia. I plan to defend my PhD in Immunology next year and then head back to finish the last two years of medical school.

Michael Sidorov: I graduated from Northwestern University in 2007 and moved to Boston to study neuroscience at MIT. I am now finishing my Ph.D. on the molecular mechanisms of single-gene disorders associated with autism. I am getting married this November then moving with my fiancee, Tamara, to Chapel Hill to begin a postdoctoral fellowship at UNC. In my spare time, I play in a competitive fast-pitch wiffleball league which has taken me to 12 states so far to play.

Cory Choy: I co-founded Silver Sound ( and have been working as a sound engineer and mixer in NYC. I have traveled extensively with filmmaker Iara Lee for her film Cultures of Resistance and ABC's Born To Explore. Most recently I got back from a shoot in Indonesia. I 100% would not be where I am today had it not been for the amazing experience I had at Montgomery Blair High School. Heather Dwyer: I'm currently finishing my PhD in ecology at UC Davis and am hoping pursue a career in academic development and/or biology teaching after I graduate. I'm also happily married to Chris Smith '02. Outside of research and teaching, I enjoy reading, knitting, and exploring the SF bay area. Kevin Fang: After Blair, I spent four years at Duke University with classmates Sophie Strike, Amanda Way and Jenny Yuan. I then traveled further south to Atlanta to teach 9th grade biology for two years with Teach For America, before completing four years of medical school at Case Western in Cleveland. I'm now starting my intern year in pediatrics at Children's Hospital Los Angeles with a specific interest in school-based health. Otherwise, the most interesting things I've done recently besides doctoring probably include working for The Dr. Oz Show and performing in a "boy band" parody for a med school fundraiser. Christina Feng: After graduating from University of Michigan Medical School, I am now a general surgery resident in Boston. I'm also taking 2 years from residency to do research at Children's Hospital, which means more time for fun things like traveling, running, sailing, and cooking (and eating)! Sebastian Galeano: I have been living in MedellĂ­n, Colombia since graduating from Blair and currently dedicate myself to Urban-Regional Planning. I am also recently happily married and working on my Master's thesis on Sport and Social Change.

Dan Hill: I graduated from Carnegie Mellon and then joined Google. Now I'm a manager on AdWords.

Samantha Hong: I am currently an attorney at Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher in New York practicing patent litigation. Importantly and impressively, I've attempted to stick with swimming and am currently a member of NYC Hydras. This does not mean I attend practice on any regular basis.

Sean Kelly: After studying NES Programming Electrical and Computer Engineering for 4 years and Stories and Games Entertainment Technology for 2, both at Carnegie Mellon, I left academia and the rigors of weekly kilted marching precision-standing trumpetry and the fine art of using small women in wheeled tubes as relay-race batons for an unexpected career in top-secret bleeding-edge casino gaming R&D in the Chicago area.

Julia Treseder: After finishing at Dartmouth College in 2007, I moved to London and attended the Royal Veterinary College for 2 years. I missed America (and the dollar was pretty weak at the time), and returned to the United States. I graduated from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine (VA Tech) in 2013. I'm now a veterinarian in a small animal rotating internship at Louisiana State University, and I'm hoping to enter a residency program next year.

Please share your own updates!