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Magnet Foundation Newsletter: Winter 2019

Winter 2019 News:
  • Foundation News: New grants; distinguished alumni award
  • Magnet News: Regeneron finalists; math team; quiz bowl
  • Alumni News: Jeopardy! champions; prizes and publications
  • Features:
    • Distinguished Alumna: Ani Manichaikul '99 is a public health professor at the University of Virginia
    • Architectural History: Meredith TenHoor '94 is an architecture professor at the Pratt Institute in New York
    • CRISPR Biology: Jonathan Gootenberg '09 recently finished his Ph.D. in systems biology
    • Physics Olympiad: Senior Daniel Zhu led the US Team at the 2018 International Physics Olympiad
    • The Magnet Foundation: from Silver Quest, recognizing ten years of the Magnet Foundation
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