Board of Directors

The Montgomery Blair High School Magnet Foundation is led by a Board of Directors composed of members of the Magnet community:
  • President: Zeki Mokhtarzada, Magnet parent and Magnet Class of '96
  • Vice-President: Eileen Steinkraus, former Magnet teacher and Magnet Coordinator
  • Treasurer: Sharon Goodall, Magnet parent
  • Secretary: Ted Jou, Magnet Class of '99
  • Lola Piper, former Magnet teacher
  • Samir Paul, Magnet Class of '06 and former Magnet teacher
  • Jeremy Schwartz, Magnet teacher
  • Beth Klees, Magnet parent
  • James Schafer, Magnet teacher
  • General Counsel: Beth Kaufman, Magnet parent

You can contact the Magnet Foundation Board at