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Magnet Foundation Newsletter: Winter 2021

Can you mentor a Senior Research Project? Summer internships will again be limited this summer due to COVID-19, and students are seeking mentors who can guide research projects remotely. If you work in an academic research setting or a company with research opportunities, and have some possible project ideas that students would be able to work on remotely, please send a description of the opportunity as well as the qualifications you expect of students applying to the project to Angelique Bosse (

Winter 2021 News:
  • Foundation News: End-of-year fundraising; Board meeting
  • Magnet News: Science Talent Search; Congressional App Challenge
  • Alumni News: AAAS Fellow; alumni research mentors
  • Features:
    • Distance Teaching: Students interviewed teachers to learn about distance learning from the other side of the screen
    • Technology Policy: Sarah Oh '00 conducts research and hosts podcasts on technology policy issues
    • STEM to the Sky: Two Blair sophomores are seeking inspiration by interviewing STEM professionals, including several Blair Magnet alumni
    • Academic Radiology: Nicole Hindman '93 was interviewed by STEM to the Sky about her career in medicine
    • From Silver Chips: Behind the scenes of the Blair ORACLE, the election prediction model created by Blair statistics students
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