Magnet Foundation News: Winter 2020

The Magnet Foundation recognized Robert Pless '90 with the Distinguished Alumni Award at the 2020 Magnet Research Convention.

Over $17,000 in donations were received in the last quarter of 2019. Thank you for your generosity!

The Magnet Foundation Board met in early February, approving several grants:
  • $500 to support STEM Night activities run by the Mu Alpha Theta math honor society (@blairmathrocks)
  • $1,000 to sponsor the end-of-semester teacher luncheon celebrating Lunar New Year (Silver Chips)
  • Up to $3,900 to support the Montgomery Blair Math Tournament for middle school students
  • Up to $3,000 to support BlairHacks_4, a 24-hour hackathon at the end of February
  • $1,935 to register three teams for the National History Bowl
  • $7,200 to buy an attenuated total reflection (ATR) accessory for Blair's spectrophotometer
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