Magnet Foundation News: Winter 2015

ACTION ALERT: We need your testimonials to help restore funding for the supervision of senior research projects!

You are invited: The Distinguished Alumni Award for 2015 will be announced at the Magnet Research Convention at Blair in the SAC, which will be Thursday, February 19th beginning at 6:30pm.

The Foundation received over $8,000 in donations in the fall and winter of 2014.  Thank you for your generosity!

At the winter meeting of the Board of Directors, the Foundation approved several new grants:
  • $400 for a MagPi bowling event for Magnet freshmen
  • $450 to register teams for the Ocean Science Bowl
  • $350 to buy a set of Algorithms books for Computer Science
  • $4,000 to upgrade LabQuest equipment for R&E
  • $3,100 to buy band saws and sanders for R&E
A lot of R&E equipment is coming due for replacement.  One generous parent was able to donate a band saw to Blair. If you know where the Foundation may be able to find other discounted or donated equipment, please e-mail  We are looking for a bench top drill press (heavy duty), a shop vac, dust collector, and cordless drills.  You can also donate to help the Foundation purchase this equipment.