Magnet Foundation News: Winter 2014

The Board of Directors for the Magnet Foundation met in January 2014 to discuss several issues:
  • The Foundation received $22,000 in donations in 2013, including a very generous $10,000 donation from the parents of a graduating senior in the Class of 2013.
  • The Board approved several additional grants:
    • $400 for a bus to take students to the X-STEM Conference (Ms. Hart)
    • $1,410 for licenses to Matlab Software (Mr. Pham)
    • $2,000 per team (up to 3 teams) to cover chaperone costs and team housing for the ACSL All-Stars Competition in Denver (Ms. Dvorsky)
    • $2,640 for chaperone costs and housing for an exchange program at CERN in Switzerland (follow the students' blog) (Mr. Schafer)
  • The Foundation is working with a family to establish a scholarship fund that will be announced soon
  • The Board selected Lorrie Faith Cranor '89 for the 2014 Distinguished Alumni Award.  She will receive the award at the Magnet Research Conference on February 27, 2014.