Magnet Foundation News: Winter 2013

The Females in Science and Technology (FIST) Conference will be held at Blair on March 16th.  If you want to help, please contact Peter Ostrander (

The Magnet Foundation Board addressed several issues at its winter meeting:
  • The Board welcomed a new member, Samir Paul '06, who taught AP Computer Science in DC as part of the Teach for America program after graduating from Harvard.  He recently volunteered on the Obama campaign in Wisconsin and just started working as a consultant in the DC area.
  • The Foundation approved funding for the purchase of a set of books for a lesson in Organic Chemistry.
  • The Foundation is working to procure a PCR thermal cycler for Blair's biology and chemistry labs.  Parent volunteers are exploring surplus at NIH before investing the Foundation's money in new equipment.
  • The Foundation received $28,103.60 in donations in 2012.  Thank you to our generous donors!

We invite any students or teachers who need funding to support Magnet programs to apply for a grant.  Additional donations are always welcome.