Magnet Foundation News: Winter 2009

Action Alert: The Superintendent's 2011 Operating Budget Proposal recommends a countywide reduction in special program staffing.  The proposal also includes a list of potential major reductions, including a 20% reduction in magnet teaching staff, the elimination of magnet buses, and a reduction in stipends for extracurricular activities.  If you are interested in speaking out against these proposed cuts, please e-mail

Through the fall of 2009, the Foundation has been active in networking with alumni, reaching out to the community, and working with the Magnet's new coordinator.
  • On Tuesday, October 13th, the Harvard Volunteer Consulting Organization held a fair for organizations seeking their advice
    • Elliott Wolf '04 made a presentation on behalf of the Blair Magnet
    • The Harvard VCO team has agreed to provide consulting help to the Foundation
  • On Thursday, October 15th, the Montgomery County Board of Education held an Open House at Kennedy High School
  • On Saturday, October 17th, the 75th Anniversary Open House was held at Blair
    • Mr. Bunday and Ms. Steinkraus represented the Magnet Foundation
    • Dwight Patel '89 donated a banner, buttons, pens, and other material
  • On Sunday, November 15th, the Foundation Board met with Peter Ostrander for the first time to discuss various Magnet issues
The Foundation decided to support two major activities this quarter:
  • The Foundation covered the travel and registration expenses for two students and the full expenses for one chaperone attending the SC09 Conference
  • In partnership with the Magnet Program and the University of Maryland, the Foundation is providing volunteer support for Middle School math education in a pilot program at Parkland Middle School