Magnet Foundation News: Summer 2020

The Board held its annual election of officers in July:
  • Zeki Mokhtarzada (President); Eileen Steinkraus (Vice-President); Ted Jou (Secretary); and Sharon Goodall (Treasurer) were re-elected for another year
  • Sherrie Emoto and Mandy Lemar retired from the Board after many years of service to the Foundation
In advance of the Maryland primary, the Foundation surveyed the candidates for Board of Education in Montgomery County.

The Board approved several grants:
  • New laptops for cybersecurity class (10 laptops / $619 each)
  • Registration for COMAP math modeling competition (10 teams / $150 each)
  • Silver Quest:
    • Printing costs for Silver Quest 2021 ($2,200)
    • Silver Quest 2020 was published online (w/ a $200 software license funded by the Foundation)
  • Minitab statistics software upgrade ($960)
  • Tablet for Magnet Biology remote teaching ($450)
  • Arduino kits for Magnet engineering ($3,675)
  • Take-home foldscopes for biology ($575)
  • Organic chemistry molecular model kits ($720)
  • $1,000 donation to support the Alvarez family (GoFundMe).
Please consider making a donation to support Magnet students and teachers.