Magnet Alumni News: Summer 2019

Featured in this newsletter: 
  • Amazonian Archaeology: Anna Browne Ribeiro '99 is exploring pre-Columbian Amazonian settlements.
  • Medication Management: Hareesh Ganesan '08 co-founded a company to help patients manage their medications.
  • Fluidly Focused (from Silver Quest): Jessica Shang '04 runs a lab researching hydrodynamics.
Awards, Scholarships and Prizes:
Academic Publications:
  • Elinor Lichtenberg '99 is joining the University of North Texas faculty as an Assistant Professor of Biology. (@UNTScience)
  • Wilma Bainbridge '05 is joining the University of Chicago faculty as an Assistant Professor of Psychology.
  • Martino Choi '05 was appointed chaplain for the Newman Catholic Center at George Washington University and director of the Office of Worship for the Archdiocese of Washington.
  • Jordyn Wolfand '07 is joining the University of Portland faculty as an Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering. (@UPortland)
On Screen, On Stage, In Print:
Politics, Policy, and Activism:
Blogs, Podcasts, and Videos:
  • Jess Zimmerman '97 was married in New York in May (@j_zimms)
  • Nick Stone '04 was married in Maryland in July (New York Times)
  • Eric Su '07 was married in California in May (New York Times)

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