Magnet Foundation News: Summer 2018

Magnet Picnic: All Magnet students, parents, teachers, alumni and families are welcome at the Magnet Back-to-School Picnic August 29th: Sign Up Here

The Board recently approved the following grants:
  • $500 to support a new course, the Chemistry of Art
  • $350 for the BioEYES Zebrafish
  • $1,000 to support the Engineering Team's Solar Car (gofundme)
  • $2,700 to support the Computer Team's trip to the ACSL All-Star Competition (
  • $2,400 to register Montgomery County's six teams for ARML (
  • $2,200 to support Silver Quest for 2018-19
Officers: The Board has elected the following officers for 2018-19:
  • President: Zeki Mokhtarzada '96
  • Vice-President: Eileen Steinkraus
  • Secretary: Sharon Goodall
  • Treasurer: Dan Shepherdson
  • Communications: Ted Jou '99

Please consider making a donation to support the Magnet program. Contact the Board of Directors by e-mailing