Magnet Foundation News: Summer 2015

The Magnet's 30th Anniversary Reunion will be on Sunday, August 23rd @ noon in Gaithersburg, MD!  RSVP Now!

The Magnet Foundation Board re-elected its officers for another year:
  • Ted Jou, President
  • Eileen Steinkraus, Vice-President
  • Sharon Goodall, Secretary
  • Dan Shepherdson, Treasurer
Two grants were approved for teachers over the summer:
  • $675 to cover Mr. Stein's expenses for the Mu Alpha Theta conference
  • $514 to pay for Mr. Davis's registration for the AAPT Summer Meeting
Nominations are open for the 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award.  Please submit nominations online.

MCPS Budget News: The County Council and Board of Education approved a budget cutting $53 million from MCPS's original request for FY2015-16 (Press Release).  This included a cut of 7.0 FTE to High School Special Programs, which will result in a cut of 1.0 FTE for the Blair Magnet program.  As a result, the Magnet will no longer be able to offer certain smaller classes such as Astronomy, 3-D Graphics, Advanced Geometry, and Plate Tectonics/Oceanography.

How you can help: