Magnet Foundation News: Summer 2014

Nominations are now open for the Distinguished Alumni Award!  Please nominate deserving alumni by October 1st!

At its summer meeting, the Board of Directors for the Magnet Foundation re-elected the following officers:
  • President: Ted Jou
  • Vice-President: Eileen Steinkraus
  • Secretary: Sharon Goodall
  • Treasurer: Dan Shepherdson
The Board of Directors approved the following new grants:
  • $2800 for Pencil Box digital logic kits
  • $750 to upgrade the 3-D Printer
  • $1,000 to cover Mr. Rose's expenses to speak at two NCTM regional conferences
  • $2,000 to help the Robotics Team pay for building access fees
Magnet students were able to participate in several activities funded by past grants: