Magnet News: Summer 2009

2009 was another year of great accomplishments for Magnet students and teachers:
  • Magnet Research Convention: On April 16, 2009, the 17th Annual Magnet Research Convention showcased student research projects that were completed by the Class of 2009.  The students were supervised by Susan Ragan.
  • ACSL All-Stars: On May 24, 2009, Blair's team of Purnima Balakrishnan '09, Mario Choi '11, Jitu Das '09, Jacob Hurwitz '10, and Sang Tian '09 won first place at the American Computer Science League All-Star Competition in Huntsville, Alabama.  David Kaufman '12, Lori Kaufman '12, Frederic Koehler '12, Ben Lowenstein '12, and Andrew Lu '12 won third place in the Intermediate Division.  The teams were coached by Mary Ann Dvorsky and Tran Pham.
  • American Regions Mathematics League: On May 30, 2009, the Montgomery County A team finished in fifth place at the American Regions Mathematics League competition in State College, PA.  The members of the team were Akimitsu Hogge '09, Anand Oza '10, Charles Argue '11, Daniel Stiles '09, Devin Zhang '10, Edward Gan '09, Eric An '09, Geoffrey Ji (Richard Montgomery) '11, Holden Lee (Eleanor Roosevelt) '09, Jacob Hurwitz '10, Mario Choi '11, Qinxuan Pan (Thomas Wootton) '09, Rohan Puttagunta '10, Suyan She (Thomas Wootton) '09, and Tommy Zhang '11.  The team was coached by Eric Walstein.
  • Olympiad Qualifiers: Jonathan Gootenberg '09 has qualified for the United States Biology Olympiad Training Camp.  Michael Cohen '10 has qualified for the United States Computing Olympiad Training Camp.  Edward Gan '09 qualified for the United States Physics Olympiad  Training Camp but will be unable to attend.