Magnet Foundation News: Fall 2013

The Board of Directors for the Magnet Foundation met in October 2013 and discussed several issues:
  • The Board approved funding for several grants:
    • Ms. Duval's attendance at the annual conference for the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT)
    • The purchase of a Biology DVD Series, Cycles of Life
    • A MagPi bowling event for Magnet freshmen
    • Registration fees for Physics Olympiad testing
  • The Magnet senior class elected four class marshals who will be working with the Foundation: Paul Ellis, Atarsh Ettyreddy, John Anderson, and Allison Chen
  • Members of the Board will meet with freshman parents on the evening of November 11th in the Blair auditorium.
  • Consideration for the first annual Distinguished Alumni Award has been narrowed to three finalists.  The award will be given in February 2014 at the Magnet Research Conference.