Magnet Foundation News: Fall 2012

  • The Magnet Foundation Board elected a new member: Magnet parent Stephanie Subramanian
  • Events
    • August 22: The Magnet Picnic was a success, with good attendance from students and alumni
    • November 13: The Magnet Foundation Board invited alumni to speak with freshman parents
    • November 16: Magnet Arts Night
  • Financial Issues
    • The Foundation's registration as a Maryland charity was renewed
    • A separate bank account was opened for the Robotics Team
    • The Board approved a grant for a genetics experiment, BioEyes
  • Future Concerns
    • Blair is undergoing TechMod this year and will likely be short on computers
    • FIST will be a spring event and volunteers may be needed to teach
    • The computer team is looking for alumni volunteers to help them get more involved in cybersecurity competitions
    • Middle school math teams are losing sponsors, and alumni volunteers may be needed

If you are interested in volunteering, please e-mail or sign up here.